Sera Cappadocia Incubation Center which believes that entrepreneurship is not an innate but an ability that can be earned over time, always provides support to entrepreneur candidates with not only in ideas but also in the implementation of those ideas.

As a Sera Cappadocia Incubation Center team, we believe that entrepreneurship is a profession and we are with them in every point whenever the entrepreneur candidates feel the need for us to be.

We are actually like the good-hearted fairy of turning dreams of entrepreneur candidates into reality in Cappadocia, a land of fairy chimneys which are like a Cinderella tale that allows Cinderella to go to the ballroom.

If you are now tired of reading other people's entrepreneurship stories and want to write your own entrepreneurship story, you should immediately visit the Sera Cappadocia Incubation Center.

We look forward to meeting entrepreneur candidates in our office located in Cappadocia Technopark.


Dr. Öğr. Ü. Mustafa ÜNSALAN

+90 (384) 228 10 00 D:16072

Adres: 2000 Evler Mah. Üniversite Yerleşlesi Kapadokya Teknopark Binası No: 15 Merkez / NEVŞEHİR