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Mission - Vision

Mission - Vision


  • to provide university-industry cooperation in our country,
  • to support the growth and development of the number of companies using or producing advanced technology,
  • to provide the environment and support for companies that will be active in innovative and high-tech areas in order to make available resources more efficient or to create R & D activities.
  • to establish mechanisms for bringing together national and international companies working in the field of advanced technology in order to create synergies between themselves and the universities.
  • to ensure that academic achievements and research results in universities are transformed into economic values.
  • to increase the economic and technological level of the country and thus contributing to the increase of the international competitiveness of the country.
  • to promote the establishment of new companies with the potential to produce innovative, high-tech products with high added value for advanced technology and exports, and the growth of existing small businesses.


  • Turkey taking its own place in globalization and having high economic forces,
  • transformation of research results into economic value,
  • the use of developed human resources and infrastructure possibilities that universities have for economic value creation and the commercialization of academic knowledge,
  • marketing of innovative high-tech products abroad and attracting foreign capital to our country in this area,