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Mission / Vision

Mission / Vision

Our Vision

It is our concern to help the employees of NEVU to carry out their R & D activities in cooperation with industry to meet the needs of the companies, to increase the competitiveness of Turkey and contribute to the growth of the country’s economy, to achieve the life quality of human beings, and to provide products and services that will support the commercialization of ideas that inspire researchers by pioneering the emergence of new products and business areas.


Our Mission

To provide the use of research potential of employees of NEVU to meet the needs of the enterprises and organizations,

To meet the role of developing the bridge of cooperation between university and industry effectively,

To help academicians and researchers to get benefit from national and international support in their projects,

To increase the knowledge and awareness level about intellectual and industry property rights,

To help commercialize new and technological products.




Our Purposes

  1. To provide awareness and culture in project area with the conditions of the announcement of current project calls, introduction of scientific and technical support facilities at national/international level and organizing trainings and informational meetings,
  2. To support academicians, students, graduates, company employees and other researchers to use national and international project funds,
  3. To increase the potential of existing infrastructure and to follow the accreditation,
  4. To accelerate the novelty, innivation, entrepreneurship, R & D focused activities,
  5. To revive the university-indusry cooperation and boost its sustainability,
  6. To support the development of Technologies with poential of industrialization in university units by making matches between research areas of academicians and company employees,
  7. To protect the intellectual and property rights and create awareness about management and support the execution of its processes,
  8. To provide necessary guidance and counselling services to researchers, academicians, students, and graduates so that they can carry out their own innovations and initiatives towards career planning and can increase their skills and experiences.
  9. To support the opening and growth of companies with production potential within the scope of new business areas.