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Objectives - Principles

Targets of Technological Development Areas

• to contribute to Turkey's R & D potential and to the ability to produce technology,

• to be one of the elements of sustainable development for Turkey,

• to encourage and support entrepreneurship and innovation,

• to contribute to Turkey's manufacturing technology with industry priorities and to the orientation of accumulation,

• to create a suitable environment for technology transfer,

• to support the production of high technology products and services for world markets,

• to make university-industry collaboration effective and continuous,

• to contribute to the transformation of university research infrastructure and knowledge into economic value,

• to create employment in the country for qualified work force,

• to strength international co-operation in R & D works,

• to support the formation and growth of companies that use local raw materials in the region and produce high added value / use high technology,

• to encourage the development, transfer and commercialization of technology,

• to provide the infrastructure and technical support to the companies for carrying out their R & D works,

• to contribute to the achievement of the highest level of cooperation of the High Technology Institute / University with Industry,

• to ensure that the researches of the Institute of  High Technology and Universities are transformed into economic values,

• to contribute to the development of the economy and to the rise of international competition power   by increasing the economic and technological level of the country.

As a technopark that has achieved its basic goals and aims, it aims to become a reference point for the solution of technological problems of the Nevşehir industry.


Aims of Technological Development Areas

By providing cooperation between universities, research institutions and organizations with production sectors, Cappadocia Technopark aims;

• production of technological information in order to make the country's industry a competitive and export-oriented structure,

• innovation in production and production methods,

• increasing the product quality or standard,

• increasing productivity and lowering production costs,

• commercialization of technological knowledge,

• support technology-intensive investment and entrepreneurship,

• creating job opportunities for researchers and skilled persons,

• contributing to technology transfer.